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“Ganduje’s Vision: Unlocking a 99% Victory in the Kogi Gubernatorial Election”

In a spirited address to the people of Kogi State, Dr. Umar Ganduje, the National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), laid down an ambitious challenge. He called upon the citizens of Kogi to rally behind the party and secure nothing short of a resounding 99% support and victory in the upcoming gubernatorial election on November 11.

Ganduje’s call to action took center stage during his address at the official inauguration of the party’s national and state campaign councils for the pivotal election. With conviction, he emphasized the importance of unity and collaboration to secure victory at the polls.

He articulated, “Today, we mark the official launch of the state campaign committee, which will work hand in hand with the national campaign committee and the local government campaign committees. Together, we aim for victory.”

Ganduje underscored the progress witnessed under the governance of Governor Yahaya Bello, highlighting the potential for further achievements with Alhaji Usman Ododo as the APC’s flagbearer.

He passionately declared, “We anticipate nothing less than 99 victory votes from the people of Kogi in the upcoming November 11 governorship election.”

Furthermore, Ganduje revealed President Bola Tinubu’s commitment to supporting the state in establishing a conducive environment for a peaceful and credible election.

In a bid to strengthen the party’s grassroots presence, Ganduje shared another crucial development. He disclosed, “We have undertaken a comprehensive plan to transform our party into a truly grassroots progressive movement. We’re establishing fully functional offices in all 8,813 wards across Nigeria. This will serve as both a symbolic representation of our party at the local level and a hub for active interaction among members. It bridges the gap between our members and leadership at various government tiers.”

As Kogi gears up for a significant political showdown, Ganduje’s vision serves as a rallying cry for the APC, resonating with hopes for a remarkable 99% victory in the upcoming gubernatorial election.


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