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Customs Boss Affirms Peaceful Relations Between Nigeria and Niger Republic

BREAKING NEWS:In a recent statement, the Customs Boss of Nigeria emphasized that there is no state of war between Nigeria and Niger Republic . The declaration comes amidst speculations about the countries’ bilateral relations.

During a press conference, the Customs Boss addressed concerns and sought to clarify the nature of the relationship between the two neighboring nations. He stressed that both countries have a history of peaceful coexistence and share common interests in various regional matters.

The official further highlighted the importance of maintaining a strong and stable relationship with Niger Republic. He acknowledged the significance of trade and cultural ties between the two nations and emphasized the need for continued cooperation to foster mutual development and prosperity.

The Customs Boss also commended the efforts of the border security agencies in ensuring smooth border management and preventing any potential misunderstandings. He reiterated the commitment of both countries to uphold peace and enhance collaboration in various spheres.

In conclusion, the Customs Boss’ statement serves as a reaffirmation of the amicable ties between Nigeria and Niger Republic. By dispelling notions of any conflict, he reassures citizens that the two nations are committed to promoting peace, trade, and understanding for the betterment of their respective peoples.

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