‘N1bn Fraud’: Court Orders Release Of Ganduje’s Ex-Commissioner

Justice S. A Amobeda of a Federal High Court in Kano has ordered the release of Ganduje’s former commissioner of works, Engr Idris Wada Saleh, accused of N1bn fraud.

A significant development has taken place in the legal proceedings surrounding the alleged N1 billion fraud case involving a former commissioner of Kano State, closely associated with Governor Ganduje. The court has issued an order for the release of the ex-commissioner.

In recent news, a court ruling has been made, resulting in the release of the former commissioner from custody. The case revolves around allegations of embezzlement amounting to N1 billion. The individual in question, who held a prominent position in Kano State under Governor Ganduje’s administration, has been at the center of this legal battle.

The court, after careful consideration of the evidence and arguments presented, has deemed it appropriate to order the release of the ex-commissioner. This decision marks a significant turn in the ongoing legal proceedings, raising questions about the evidence and the validity of the charges brought against the accused.

As the case continues to unfold, it is crucial to maintain a fair and transparent legal process. The release of the ex-commissioner demonstrates the commitment of the judiciary to uphold justice and ensure that all individuals are treated in accordance with the law.

Moving forward, it will be interesting to observe how this development impacts the broader investigation and any subsequent legal actions related to the alleged N1 billion fraud case.


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